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Ordering Custom Built Transoms and Windows
1. Email me with your project idea and the EXACT SIZE** of your window opening. The better you describe your idea, the more I can help focus that idea into the transom or window that fulfills your concept. My Transom Design Page and my Transom Pattern Page may provide design ideas that may help us communicate better about what you would like.
2. After initial contact, we can set a time to discuss design ideas and colors by phone until I have a good idea of your wishes. If we are on the phone together while reviewing design concepts and colors on my website, its amazing how easily we can develop your idea into a workable plan.
7. While waiting for you payment to arrive, I will build one of my "almost world famous" wood shipping crates and pack your transom. When payment is received, I'll and ship your stained glass item via UPS or Fed Ex insured and email you the tracking number and expected arrival date. I've never had an item damaged in shipping!
8. I hope this helps simplify the process. Please email me with your project idea or if you have any questions and I'll respond by phone or email, whichever you prefer. Will be glad to send you my phone number so you can contact me by phone, if you wish. Most people understand very little about stained glass construction or design, so will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
** EXACT SIZE To design and build your stained glass window, I need the exact size of your window opening to the nearest 1/16th". If the window is built too big, it cannot be reduced. Normally, I build 1/4 inch less than the opening to allow for fit, squareness of opening, etc.
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3. Once we agree on a general design idea, I will draw a full size drawing of your design and send it to you with glass samples, a construction price and estimated build time. Quite often I can simply email a photo of a drawing for approval.
4. After receiving the drawing and glass samples, you can now make an informed decision as to any design and/or color changes to make the project exactly what you want. Often, my clients simply "pick" specific colors from other windows I've done, and don't even want to deal with glass samples. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
5. You are under no obligation to this point.....hasn't cost you a nickel. If you decide that you want me to build the project, send a deposit for 25% and I will begin work. If you decide not to build, then just let me know.
6. On completion, I will email you digital pictures of your window and you can then send me a check for the balance plus crating and shipping charges (see Pricing Your Stained Glass Project on my How to Order Page). A check is fine for payment, but if you wish to pay via PayPal, arrangements can be made with a slight upcharge.
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