Victorian Crazy stained glass window
Victorian Lightbox stained glass window
Dean's Stained Glass
Victorian Lightbox
Dean's Stained Glass
Wanting to make a smaller but similar opalescent glass piece, I used part of the design and built the window on the left.
see "Victorian Crazy"
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In 2003, I built 2 large windows that I called "Victorian Crazy" for my daughter.
She had a place to hang it without a window, so I built a lightbox behind the window so she could put it anywhere and light it at night. In 2013, I replaced the ropelight in the light box with LED strip light technology for brighter, dimmable and more even lighting. The 16 foot 300 LED strip utilizes low voltage 12 volt LEDs and uses only 24 watts at full brightness.
Victorian Lightbox
Victorian Crazy
Victorian Lightbox was originally built in March of 2003, contains 62 pieces of glass and measures about 20" x 35" in its 3" red oak frame.