Victorian Heart Stained Glass Window with glue chip glass background.
My Sister's Victorian Heart stained glass window.
Photo from Patterns for Glass - Victorian Series c. 1980
My Sister's Victorian Heart
Victorian Heart
Dean's Stained Glass
Back in the early 1980's, I found a pattern in a book that was designed for the imitation stained glass process where glass stain is painted on clear glass and acrylic lines are added to simulate lead. The book was Patterns for Glass - Victorian Series, copyright 1980 by Plaid Enterprises. This company produces a product called Great Glass Liquid Paint that is used in this process. The book credited the design to nationally known glass artist and author, Judy Miller. Apparently, 30 years later Plaid is still the market leader in glass painting products. The photo from the book is displayed on the left.
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Dean's Stained Glass
Photo from Patterns for Glass - Victorian Series c. 1980
My simplified design, which I call Victorian Heart, appears to the right. This is one of my favorite designs. In the early 1980's, I built 2 different Victorian Hearts. One still hangs in my home. My youngest sister talked me out of the other one, and it hangs in her home near Atlanta, Ga.
One version of Victorian Heart (above) was built using glue chip glass as the background. The other (left) used some different glass colors as well as a clear seedy glass background. I love this design.... its simplicity and elegance are timeless.
My Victorian Heart