Ornate American Victorian Window
Victorian Crazy
Victorian Crazy
Dean's Stained Glass
Victorian Crazy is an adaptation of the magnificient American Victorian window on the right. I spotted this window offered for sale in a catalog for an Architectural Antique Auction held in San Francisco in 1980. The original window was 3'8" x 8'1" and was probably a landing window in a grand Victorian home.

I simplified the design and built 2 matching windows in November of 2002. Each measures about 35" x 45" framed, contain 156 pieces of glass and are cherished by my daughter.

These windows are spectacular in the sunlight. The beveled border creates rainbows everywhere and the glass globs and jewels literally glow. The clear waterglass background adds the shimmer of water in the sunlight. This simpler version retains classic Victorian style but is more suited to today's less ornate decorating styles.
Dean's Stained Glass
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