Bugs Bunny Stained Glass
Tweety and Sylvester Postage Stamp
Tweety Stained Glass Window
Dean's Stained Glass
26 1/8" x 29 7/8"
$ 950.00
Dean's Stained Glass
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In 1998, the US Postal Service issued the Tweety and Sylvester stamp pictured to the right. The year before they had issued a Bugs Bunny stamp, and in 1999, I built a stained glass window based on the Bugs Bunny stamp.
Bugs Bunny Stained Glass
Tweety contains about 62 pieces of stained glass and comes ready to hang in its 2" stained and varnished red oak frame
Enjoying the challange, I thought I would tackle a Tweety stained glass project. Wanting to have Tweety by himself, I drew my pattern different than the stamp. Finally, in 2003, I got around to building my version of Tweety. I suppose this is proof positive that anyone who builds both Bugs and Tweety in stained glass, might be considered a little looney.
Tweety & Sylvester Stamp