Martha and Jerry's New Addition
The starting point of their project
Major progress has been made
Solitary Sailor and Friends installed
Martha and Jerry's New Addition
Solitary Sailor and Friends stained glass transom
Solitary Sailor stained glass transom
Dean's Stained Glass
Solitary Sailor & Friends
Dean's Stained Glass
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Back in 2005, I built a small transom with only a single sailboat and called it "Solitary Sailor".
After completion, it needed a little something I added a lighthouse, some land, and a pair of dolphins to the design .... built the new, improved design .... and called it "Solitary Sailor & Friends".
Martha and Jerry contacted me because they saw this stained glass transom on my website. They had recently taken up sailing and have been collectors of dolphins and lighthouses for years. They wanted a transom for an exterior door that reflected their love for all things nautical. Because they were building a new room addition, they were able build the opening to fit my transom perfectly.
Solitary Sailor and Friends measures 12" x 36", contains 96 pieces of glass, and is proudly on display in Martha and Jerry's home in Arkansas.
Although construction is not yet complete, Martha and Jerry graciously sent me some "under construction" photos of their new transom
You can see from the photos above that their "new addition" is quite an ambitious project.