Wood shipping crate
Wood shipping crate
Wood shipping crate
Wood shipping crate
Wood shipping crate
Wood shipping crate
Some of my "almost world famous" shipping crates!
Dean's Stained Glass
Pricing Your Custom Stained Glass Project
2. Pricing varies depending on size and the complexity of the project.
1. Estimates are FREE! Let's talk about your idea. Even if I don't build a window for you, maybe I can help or advise.
3. Generally my prices run in the neighborhood of $250 to $300 per square foot, again depending on size, complexity, etc. A 12" x 60" ( 5 sq.ft. ) transom would run about $1250 - $1500. Again.....estimates are free! I build each stained glass piece one project at a time.....each is built to your specifications, in your choice of glass colors and textures. Each piece gets my total attention and is built to the absolute best of my ability! Please review the other pages on my site to see my workmanship.
5. Crating charge = $45. I custom build a foam lined plywood shipping crate for every window I ship. I've never had an item damaged in transit. I build really ugly crates......but they are almost indestructible!
6. I've found UPS is fairly inexpensive and reliable for shipping small and medium sized windows. Fed Ex will handle larger dimension units. Usually $45 - $75 will ship an average size transom anywhere in the eastern US via UPS.
Custom Wood Shipping Crate
Email me with your idea and let's talk about it. I don't publish my phone on this site so please email me and I'll be glad to give you my phone number or call you, if you wish. Doesn't cost anything to swap ideas.
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How to Order
4. We all want good value, but if you want cheap.....buy from one of those eBay sites offering colorful, but mass produced, foreign made stained glass. Like with anything else, there are factories overseas offering cheap stained glass made by workers who earn less in a week than you earn in a few hours. Just be careful..... you get what you pay for! I will build your design, in your size, with your choice of glass colors and textures, with unmatched quality.....but I'm not cheap!
Dean's Stained Glass