* Any item on my website can be custom built almost any size with or without design changes and with your choice of colors. Prices of custom work depends on size and complexity of the piece.
3. On receipt of your payment, I will ship the stained glass item and email you the tracking number. A check is fine for payment, but if you wish to pay with PayPal (3% additional fee), please advise and I will make arrangements.
See Ordering Custom Built Transoms & Windows on my How to Order page.
1. Email and tell me the item you are interested in with your shipping address or zip code and I will promptly reply with shipping costs to your location. I don't list my phone number on this site, but will be glad to send it to you so we can swap ideas or answer any questions by phone..... or will be happy to call you, if you prefer.
2. On transoms and windows, there is a $45 crating charge. I custom build a plywood shipping crate for each window and pack securely windows sandwiched with foam. Have never had any shipping damage.
4. Please email me with any questions.
Dean's Stained Glass
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