The Old Man stained glass window
The Old Man
Dean's Stained Glass
Over the years more people have asked me where I got the pattern for this window than any other design. I wish I could claim the design.... but the real story is more interesting!
About 10:00 PM one night, in January of 1982, I stopped for a burger at a Burger King on 1st Avenue South in the East Lake section of Birmingham, Alabama. I wasn't out looking for stained glass patterns. I was just hungry and there were few restaurants open. Having just remodeled the restaurant, they had just installed a number of sandblasted clear glass divider panels between the booths. I spotted the "old man in the moon" and immediately recognized a design I wanted to build.
Dean's Stained Glass
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Being a "do it now" kind of person, I talked to the manager and went home to get tracing paper and pencils. Returning in minutes (luckily the restaurant was empty), I taped up the tracing paper and copied the design. Naturally, the manager and employees thought I was a little "nutty" ........ (not the first time I've been called that) .....but I got a really great pattern. To this day, I firmly believe this was not a chance discovery.
The "Old Man" stained glass window was built within weeks. It measures 32" x 37" and contains only 36 pieces of glass. Hanging in a bedroom window ever since, it has watched over both of my children.