Laura's Balloons Stained Glass Window
Laura at Three
My daughter Laura
Laura's Balloons
The Old Man Stained Glass Window
My Beautiful Daughter at Three
Dean's Stained Glass
Laura's Balloons
 I built Laura's Balloons in November, 1982 for my daughter. It measures about 22" x 28" including its 2" red oak frame and contains about 50 pieces of stained glass.
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Dean's Stained Glass
Back in the early 80's, when my daughter was very young, I decorated her bedroom with a wall mural with a huge rainbow. In one window, I hung my stained glass piece "The Old Man". For the other window I built "Laura's Balloons" . In this room she had an antique white iron bed which she still has today. The sheets and comforter on the bed were a pattern called "Tiger in a Bamboo Grove", a really brightly colored pattern by Wamsutta that made the bed look like a jungle. I'm not sure any of these items went together, but, to a young girl, this was a really cool room. I'm sure she is so smart today because of the hundreds of bedtime stories Daddy read to her in this colorful room? I am just as proud of her today as I was back then!
Laura's Balloons
The Old Man