Jessica's Window in natural light
Jessica's Window on Flourescent Lightbox
Dean's Stained Glass
Jessica's Window
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Dean's Stained Glass
I built a transom for the front door of Jessica's beautiful 1890's home in Riverdale, Maryland. After she installed her transom, she contacted me to build a small window for the 3rd floor of her home. She liked the stylized Iris as in "Jim's Transom" but wanted some victorian "curlies" like in "Victorian Crazy". She also wanted to use some of the predominantly purple Wissmach glass that we had used in her transom as a colorful border. Above is the result of our joint effort.

The photo on the left shows the colored glass set off by the clear waterglass background and 4 clear glass jewels. The photo on the right, taken on my flourescent lightbox, gives a little different color perspective.

Jessica's Window measures about 13 1/2" x 24", contains 48 pieces of glass and was completed in March, 2008.