New window measures about 37.5 x 37.5
New window measures about 20 x 31
New front door transom 10.25 by 35.5
Original 100 year old glass
Original 100 year old glass
Original 100 year old glass
New transom
Original transom
Original 100 year old glass
Charlotte's Windows - finished display in kitchen
Charlotte's Windows - finished display in living room
Dean's Stained Glass
Charlotte's Windows
Charlotte brought me a number of stained glass pieces that had been removed from a turn of the century Drug Store in Guntersville, Alabama in 1945. These pieces were stored for almost 50 years in an old they needed help. She had a vision for this 100 year old glass and wanted these pieces restored so she could display them in her new home. These stained glass pieces eventually evolved into 4 projects, as shown below, and were completed in 2003.
Dean's Stained Glass
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PROJECT 1: Charlotte had 3 long narrow transoms and wanted a matching 4th one built to fulfill her decorating plan. She would then have 2 transoms 8" x 38" and 2 transoms 8" x 52". Below is one of the original transoms:
Below is a reproduction of the original transom:
PROJECT 2: Charlotte wanted a larger transom made, using this same theme, that would go over her front door. Below is the new transom we created:
PROJECT 3: Charlotte had two triangular shaped pieces she wanted combined into one window. We took these 2 pieces and combined them into the window below, again, tying into the original theme of the windows.
New window created from the two parts.
PROJECT 4: Charlotte had another set of two triangular shaped pieces she wanted to combine into another window. We took these 2 pieces and incorporated them into the window below.
A clear beveled glass border and a red accent band were added and the whole window was framed in oak.
Above are pictures after the finished stained glass pieces were installed in the kitchen and the living room of Charlotte's home. The glass is all spotlighted with miniature halogen bulbs and operated with create just the right amount of background light for any occasion.