Trust Transom - Stained glass transom - Photo taken outside
Trust Transom - Stained glass transom - Photo on lightbox
Outside view of front door and columns
Inside view of front door
Outside view of front door
Jane's original drawing
Dean's Stained Glass
Trust Transom
Jane contacted me about building a stained glass transom for her Dad's lake house. Mr. Trust is building a new Arts and Crafts style cottage as a retreat for his 5 children and 8 grandchildren overlooking Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania.
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Dean's Stained Glass
Trust Transom - Photo taken outside
Trust Transom - Photo on flourescent lightbox
Trust Transom measures 13 1/4 " x 50 1/2", contains 131 pieces of glass and was completed in March of 2010
Jane sent me a sample of lettering she liked and a great sketch of her original idea. Together we adapted her drawing to work with glass, and included a blue sky, mountains and a lake in the transom.....much like some of the Tiffany landscape windows of the late 1800s and early 1900's. I added the wood window panes to add to the Arts & Crafts styling of the window.
The transom was designed for the front door of this house and as Jane described to me " will not only allow light and color into the foyer but will pick up the styling of the multiple hand made quilts that our mother made.....which will be a major focus of the interior artwork."
Jane graciously sent the pictures above after the transom was installed and the house finished . Note the magnificient wood door and the classic Arts and Crafts columns. I was proud to contribute my small part in the construction of this magnificient lake house.
Outside view of front door
Inside view of front door
Outside view of front door and columns