Be Prepared stained glass window
Jim's Stained Glass Eagle
Proud - Stained Glass Eagle
Stained Glass Eagle
Dean's Stained Glass
Dean's Stained Glass
This proud stained glass eagle was built as a gift for my son's Scoutmaster, Tony Diliberto. He has dedicated his life .... thousands of hours ...... as a leader in the Boy Scouts of America ..... to help my son and hundreds of other young men become better men.
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It is a fitting tribute, that a Scoutmaster who guided so many young men to achieve Eagle Scout, the highest award in scouting, should have his own "Eagle". This stained glass window measures 26 7/8" x 32 7/8" and was completed in June of 2002.
Update! .... and the story continues!
Proud - Stained Glass Eagle
Jim Martin, from Rhode Island, contacted me about patterns for "Pride", my Eagle window pictured above and a window called "Be Prepared" that I built for my son when he achieved Eagle Scout Rank. It seems that Jim also has a son who achieved Eagle Rank. Jim has spent much of his life.... 34 years in Scouting .... and has helped dozens of young men achieve Eagle ....and, I'm sure, helped hundreds of others grow into manhood.
Jim informed me he is life member of Vietnam Veterans of America. He wanted to build an Eagle in stained glass to be auctioned off at a fundraising dinner of his local Vietnam Veterans of America group in January.
Jim's Stained Glass Eagle
To the right is Jim's Eagle in Stained Glass. What an absolutely magnificient job! Remarkably good work! I hope the person that buys it understands the love and attention to detail that Jim spent creating his Eagle window.
Jim, thank you for your service to our country in Vietnam. Thank you for your service to the Boy Scouts of America and those young men who will be tomorrow's leaders. Thank you for allowing me to be your friend. I am honored that I can showcase your beautiful Eagle on my site. Excellent craftsmanship!
Jim's Stained Glass Eagle
Dean Watts January, 2015
Boy Scout stained glass window