Beveled glass entryway
Nina's gorgeous home after installation of all three transoms.
Nina's interior transom - before installation
Nina's Transom - interior
One of the two exterior transoms
Nina's interior transom - after installation
Dean's Stained Glass
Nina's Transoms
Nina contacted me about building a set of beveled glass transoms for her and her husband's magnificient home in a local golf course community. She wanted to add beveled transoms to 2 exterior window openings and add another beveled transom to an interior opening. Their home has a beautiful beveled door entryway, so she wanted something to complement that design. We searched and luckily found a similar bevel set that fit the openings perfectly.
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Dean's Stained Glass
This is one of the the two window transoms after installation. It measures about 21" x 57" and contains 74 pieces of glass. The bevels are clear and the background glass is clear waterglass. All three transoms were completed in May, 2011.
Above is the interior transom after installation. It measures about 27" x 49" and contains 67 pieces of glass
The magnificient entryway in Nina's home.
Nina's gorgeous home after installation of all three transoms.
Before and after photos of the interior transom.....turning a simple opening into an elegant finished window.