Antique potty
With 62 clear beveled pieces and 25 jewels, this window should be spectacular in the sun. The beveled double border should create rainbows everywhere and the jewels should glow. The clear waterglass background should shimmer like water in the sunlight.
Mona's Window installed in rough opening
Antique Tub
Antique sink
Mona's Window installed
Mona's Window
Mona's husband at work
The unfinished 2nd floor window opening
Ornate American Victorian Window
Ornate American Victorian Window
Mona's Window
Dean's Stained Glass
Our inspiration for Mona's Window was the magnificient American Victorian window to the right. I spotted this window offered for sale in a catalog for The Golden Movement Architectural Antique Auction held in San Francisco in 1980. The original window was 3'8" x 8'1" and was probably a landing window in a grand Victorian home.

In my simplified version, I have tried to retain classic Victorian style but a little simpler for today's less ornate decorating style
Dean's Stained Glass
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Mona contacted me about building a Victorian style bathroom window for her home in Hudson, New Hampshire. She and her husband were completely remodeling an upstairs bath and wanted a window that would sparkle in the sun and let in maximum light.
The unfinished 2nd floor window opening
Mona's Window in rough opening
Mona's Husband at work installing the outside window. Certainly not a job for amateurs!
Mona's Window measured about 29" x 44", contained 197 pieces of glass and was completed in July 2008.
Look at the marvelous antique fixtures, wood walls, tin ceiling and wood floors. Mona & her husband have certainly created a beautiful and unique period bathroom.
Mona's Window installed
What a magnificient bathroom !
Interestingly enough, 5 years after building this window and posting a picture of the original window, I got a surprise phone call. Mark Bogenrief of Bogenrief Studios pointed out that the picture in the Antique Auction catalog was upside down .... as is my photo on the right. Mark was the artist who restored this window for the auction, so he is certainly the authority. His artistry makes me look like an amateur. Please look at the magnificient work on his website at :
Mona was nice enough to send some before and after photos of her window.