Laura's Palm
Laura's Palm made into a lightbox lamp
Dad and Daughter showing off Laura's Palm
Laura's Palm is a stained glass window that is derived from Cleopatra's Palm, a design by Bill Hillman from his book Glass Design Sourcebook.

While visiting for a few days, my daughter wanted a crash course in building stained glass and fell in love with this design. We modified the design a little, and after a day or two's hard work and some fun Daddy- Daughter time, our profect was complete.

A classic Art Deco design, Laura's Palm measures 11" x 20", contains 73 pieces of glass, and was finished in September, 2008
A friend gave me a 20 year old solid mahogany front door that he was replacing on his home. After a year of saving the wood for a special project, I decided to make a lamp to show off the Laura's Palm window that my daughter and I had built together. A few hours of cutting, sanding, staining and wiring produced the lamp above. It was completed in March of 2009, just in time for my daughter's birthday.
Laura's Palm
Dad and Daughter proudly showing off our completed project
Dean's Stained Glass
Dean's Stained Glass
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