Jessica's new transom installed
Jessica's home after painting and new transom
Jessica's home before painting and new transom
Jessica's Transom on flourescent lightbox
Jessica's Transom
Dean's Stained Glass
Jessica's Transom
Jessica contacted me to build a house number transom for her 1890's 3 story Victorian home in Riverdale, Maryland. The original transom had long been replaced by a wood board so she had no idea of the style of the original transom. We played with a few design ideas and Jessica knew exactly when we hit on the right combination of design and color.

Jessica's Transom measures 14 1/2" x 34 1/2 ", contains 75 pieces of glass and was completed in July, 2008
Jessica's Victorian home in Riverdale, Maryland before painting and the addition of her stained glass transom
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Dean's Stained Glass
Jessica's Transom on flourescent lightbox
Her new transom installed over her antique front door
Jessica's beautiful home after painting and installation of her new transom